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The Houses of Healing

This week's chapter for discussion is The Houses of Healing.


Things to consider while reading:

- How has Pippin changed from the beginning of the book, and what role has Merry (or the absence of Merry) played in this?


- Was Eowyn suicidal when she rode to the Pellenor fields? Is she still suicidal now? Was she a heroine or a deserter?


- How did Faramir recognise Aragorn when he was first awoken? Was it foresight, or from one of his dreams? And did he ever worry about whether Aragorn would be a good king?


- What is the Black Shadow? Is it a mental, physical or magical condition, or some combination of the three?


- What made Imrahil decide to recognise Aragorn as his king? Did he recognise Aragorn as Thorongil?


- Is the overall message of this chapter in favour of war or against war? In the context of the longer novel, does this chapter represent an ending or a beginning?


Discussion will begin on Wednesday, January 4th.

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