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The Council of Elrond

First off, apologies for this being done so close to the last discussion but I'm not online over the weekend.

The Council of Elrond:

This weeks discussion point is 'The Council of Elrond'.

Suggested considerations whilst reading:

What do you notice about Elrond's character in this chapter? Is he a good leader?

As each character of the fellowship is introduced we are given the essence of their personality, what do you think of Tolkien's language used when doing this?

When Aragorn stands to speak it is to argue against Boromir, we see tension between the two and a bad beginning to a necessary relationship. What differences can we note between them that already label Aragorn heir of Gondor?

In the midst of argument Frodo steps forth to take the title of Ring Bearer, we begin to see his character becoming more thoughtful and less happy, what other changes do you notice in him since we met him in the Shire?

When the other hobbits emerge to offer up service Elrond is weary of sending them but caves, how do you feel about our four trusy hobbits going off to fated peril?

How do you feel about the fellowship selected, is it as strong as is needed? If not, where are the flaws?

Please feel free to bring up any points you wish to discuss, concerning this chapter.

Discussion begins January 11th.
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