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Reminders & other stuff =)

Thanks for all you wonderful folk for volunteering to lead discussions throughout the weeks--i think they're going quite well but always nice for more people to comment as well. ;)

This is the schedule as of 1/30/06:

January 8th - poppithefenling: The Council of Elrond
January 15th - periantari: The Choices of Master Samwise
January 22th- pokecharm: The Steward and the King

angelsghost has a lock on The House of Tom Bombadil, for when she can.
poppithefenling has a claim on Strider for when she can.

Members should feel free to claim more than one chapter! =)

Feel free to comment here if you have interest to claim a chapter. The more the merrier and hope everyone is enjoying rereading your favorite parts of the book.

Remember that the schedule is also in the User info

and that we have a photobucket account so upload your fave pictures there! =)

photobucket account
username: readthebook
password: gandalf

Any q's, just comment with you thoughts.
Hope ya'll having fun, mellyn nin! ♥
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