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Questions to think about for The Choices of Master Samwise

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Questions for The Choices of Master Samwise :

I can’t help it. My place is by Mr. Frodo. They must understand that—Elrond and the Council, and the great Lords and Ladies with all their wisdom. Their plans have gone wrong. I can’t be their Ring-bearer. Not without Mr. Frodo.”

Obviously, the title of the chapter deals with Sam making the decision to either go on the Quest and forsake his master and fling away all his responsibilities from being a member of the Fellowship to stay by Frodo. What does everyone think about his choice to leave at first and go on? What other choice does he have?

Sam’s loyalty and dedication has always been his main characteristics that I love. To what extent was his choice right in following his heart or rather his mind?

”And for a moment he lifted up the Phial and looked down at his master, and the light burned gently now with the soft radiance of the evening-star in summer, and in that light Frodo’s face was fair of hue again, pale but beautiful with an elvish beauty, as of one who has long passed the shadows.”

Other than the beautiful way in which Tolkien wrote this about one of my favorite characters <3, what other significances does it have? It has been spoken about before about Frodo’s Elvish beauty, but in the eyes of Sam, is this reminiscent of what he saw in the Mirror of Galadriel so do you think that Tolkien liked to remind us that Frodo is indeed one of the most important and Elvish hobbits of the Shire?

"It won't sound too pretty to say you've caught the kitten and let the cat escape."
Orc talk:
Thoughts about how revealing Shagrat and Snaga’s talk was for Sam? Not only do we learn about the going-ons in the War but also that Frodo is not dead…
Are there any thoughts also about the coarseness of their talk and their babble? This is the second time in Two Towers that we hear about orc talk--- how is it different than how orc talk was introduced in the chapter “The Uruk-hai”?

Of Sam and the Ring
Are there any thoughts about when Sam put on the Ring? One question that’s always been weighing on my mind is why the Eye did not see Sam right at that instance especially because he’s so close to Mordor… was Sauron really that occupied in his energy upon Gondor and the other battles of Middle Earth to not see Sam?

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Discussion begins Wednesday, January 18th... now go reread the chapter! ;) =)
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