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Claim a chapter... and more participation?

"I will not say the day is done, nor bid the stars farewell." ~Sam

Hey all,
Just a friendly reminder that we need people to help facilitate discussion these coming weeks. I've volunteered for the week of the 19th for The Siege of Gondor but I surely am not the only one here among such fine folk that want a say about LotR. :)

But seeing that participation hasn't been very high these couple weeks, i do have some links to essays that may be of interest to you.

From the 2005 Troy University Mythology Symposium, there are some awesome essays from the faculty and students that talk about many topics...

Listed below are the paper names:
"The Biblical Structure of The Lord of the Rings"
"The Lord of the Rings and the Medieval Literary Tradition"

"Jung and Innocent: The Hobbits as the Unconscious of Middle-Earth"
"Galadriel: The Goddess in Lothlórien"
"Aragorn and Frodo: A Comparison of Heroes"

Link to these topics:

I've read the "Hobbits as the Unconscious of Middle-Earth" and the Aragorn and Frodo ones ...maybe a discussion of these papers would be something everyone would love to do?

Or if the chapter idea is still cool, we can stick to it but we just need more volunteers. :)

So please, claim a chapter, any chapter and help discuss! :)

Because you know rereading Tolkien is Love. ♥ =)

Suggestions, concerns, q's, please comment. (i really don't bite! :)

Thanks all.

g'nite, mellyn nin~
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