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The Siege of Gondor Reading Guide

Things to think about:

Many things happen in this chapter and I find it packed with significant events that warrant a looong discussion about.

Key events/themes/issues include
--the conversation between Denethor, Faramir, Gandalf and Pippin about their defenses but most importantly, fate of Frodo and Sam …
--the Siege of Gondor itself and all its excitement...
--(Grond, Nazgul, desperateness, etc) :P
--Hope and despair of losing the battle … and of Faramir, their captain being down...just mucho angst in this chapter... especially since through the eyes of Pippin, it was one of the toughest times for him during the Quest.
And Denethor faling to despair and madness came from this chapter as well...

We see more of Pippin and his point of view in what’s happening and one quote I would particularly love to discuss on Wednesday is this one:

"Already it seemed years to Pippin since he had sat there before, in some half-forgotten time when he had still been a hobbit, a light-hearted wanderer touched by little by the perils he had passed through. Now he was one small soldier in a city preparing for a great assault, clad in the proud but somber manner of the Tower of the Guard.

This quote struck me and makes me hyper to think of not only Pippin growing throughout the Quest but the hobbits as well. And I’ll say more on Wednesday but please think about this. ;)

-Characterization of Faramir. We see that he is very much respected by the people of Gondor. As evidenced by how Beregond regards him, Pippin’s first view of him, and how anxious the people of Gondor reacted to him going off to battle and being injured. Also his tense relationship with Denethor is shown in quite evidently here and more of Denethor’s character too is portrayed here.

--The ending of the chapter was awesome as well and Gandalf’s showdown with the Witch-king warrants some introspection and discussion as well. J

So reread the chapter! I look forward to more of YOUR thoughts on Wednesday/Thursday.
(I have exam on Thursday so… we’ll see how insomniac I get ;)

Rereading the books is love. ♥ =) In the meanwhile, go to this post:
to claim a chapter/give feedback/suggestions...
hannon le!

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