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A Shortcut to Mushrooms - readthebook discussion

This week’s chapter is A Shortcut to Mushrooms from The Fellowship of the Ring. :)

I picked this one because it is loaded with fear, precious moments and humor and is one of my very favorites. It amused me nearly immediately as it plunged into Pippin teasing Frodo about wanting to eat his breakfast for him.

-What moments amused you most?

I love how it brought out the relationships between the hobbits...I think it would be interesting to discuss the changes Frodo saw come over Sam and the relationships of all of the characters.

-In what ways do you think Sam changed?

-What moments touched you, as all of the characters interacted?

As always, Tolkien so eloquently described the scenery and the fear that blanketed the Hobbits.

-What passages emphasized the fear the most for you?

And lastly, I was wondering if anyone else felt the exhaustion the Hobbits felt as severely as I did; with the way that Tolkien wrote it? :D

Please read and comment! :D
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