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Mod post - How should we revitalize this community?

How should we revitalize this community?

We can do several things including:

making biweekly discussions
continue with random quotes we love
LotR essay analysis (bring in other links to discuss)
Other --please comment

I know it's been *really* quiet around here since our attempt in making something happen with the discussions last year in '05, 06. I really love this community and want to bring it back since LotR books are always being reread and i'm sure there are views about it that you want to bring about and discuss!
So please answer this mini-poll and bring us some feedback so how you want this community to be like.

Also, for you graphics talented people out there, please consider making a new layout in here? New icons would be superb as well. :)
If interested, please email me at periantari@gmail.com.

So please comment about anything and do continue to post quotes in here like in the past~

hannon le, mellyn nin~
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I really liked the chapter analysis we did last time, I think that worked really well. If we do that again, we should make it monthly, because I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a very busy woman and I can't handle a weekly discussion.

I took a bn.com "class" on LOTR my freshman year of college, and I think I have all the stuff saved somewhere on my comp. I'll look and see what I can dig up.

I can get to work on some icons if you want, too.
That'll be so cool if you could make some icons that reads "Read the Book" or something! Or have= something LotR related.
I do think weekly discussions are a bit tough...but monthly ones are too spaced out and we already suffer from lack of participation and people will just forget about it if it were that way...
I think random quotes should happen twice a week or something and biweekly volunteers should help with discussion?
Do you think we should go with the format of having a reading guide and then a discussion posted like we did before?

I look forward to seeing what you've learned in the B&N course! ♥ =)
I like the idea of a chapter analysis - a sort of Read Along With Me for grownups :)
Should they be bi-weekly or weekly ? They should be led by persons in the community, right?
I think on your personal post I mentioned this:


Even though the discussion took a lot longer than the original timetable, it did, in fact get all the way through *all* the books--from The Hobbit, through LotR to the Silm, including all Appendices!

And what if we started with The Hobbit? (I have a selfish reason for that--I missed out on TH discussion back then.)
Do you want to co-maintain this community with me? I do need desperate help (for i can't maintain by myself) ... I think your ideas are good...i just need someone to help me get things off the ground again. I think you have great enthusiasm and a great resource we can use to post our discussions. :)
I do'nt know about starting with the Hobbit. WE should have a poll to ask this.
:hugs: i will email you about thoughts i have...or reply to me again to tell me if being a co-maintainer of this (co-moderator) would be feasible for you. :)

Oh, sure! Why not? I'll give it a go!
i added you as fellow maintainer. :) Thanks so much! i will have a poll ready by the beginning of next week... If you want to post something or have more ideas, feel free to email me ...
*hugs* =)
I think I'm up for it! :)
Thanks! i'm glad to see you in here! ♥ =)
I think a chapter analysis would be awesome :) Maybe not every week, like someone said, I know school and work keeps me busy, but maybe every other week and people can still post other things in between. I would love to do this!
Thank you! i do hope to= see you in here posting comments or posting entries on your own! I think every other week would be better too... now to get volunteers and such... do you think you could take a chapter or two in the near future?

Deleted comment

I will be trying to start this up soon again and going to have a poll by next week... are you interested in leading a chapter discussion sometime?