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The Breaking of The Fellowship discussion

I apologize for this being late; there was a storm here yesterday and I wasn't able to get online.

I chose this chapter because it's such a major shift in the series. In this chapter we have Boromir's attempt to take the ring and Frodo and Sam breaking away from the Fellowship.

After the Fellowship has stopped to rest they are in a prediciment of deciding what to do next. Frodo, being the ring-bearer is chosen to make the decision. While taking an hour to decide, he goes for a stroll in the woods. During this walk Boromir appears and seems kind and helpful, and wishes to protect Frodo. This then leads to him trying to convience Frodo to give him the ring for what Boromir sees as a good cause. When Frodo refuses, he becomes angry and forceful in his attempt to take the ring. I believe this event had been well lead up to and hinted on in previous chapters. Boromir seemed as though he would easily fall into temptation from the start. Due to fear Frodo then slips on the ring in order to escape from Boromir. After this we are introduced to an apologetic and sincere Boromir, but it's too late for Frodo's perspective to change now.

While Frodo has the ring on we see glimpses of prepartion for the future war. We see the sorrow and grief of battle, the harsh, brutal reality of blood shed. Signs of the war which is to come. After battling with himself Frodo is able to remove the ring and comes to the conclusion that he must carry on by himself.

Next we are shown that the others are questioning where Frodo has gone to. Boromir then returns informing them that Frodo has disappeared with the ring on. Sam then runs off being followed by Merry in Pippin. Aragorn chases after them with the others and finds Sam and insists that they stick together. Sam is unable to keep up with Aragorn and soon falls behind. He then realizes that Frodo must be trying to go off on his own and goes to find him. When Sam reaches the shore he sees Frodo drifting away in a boat, and of course, being the loyal servant he is, he tries to get on the boat as well. Sam attempts to swim out to Frodo, an act which almost cost him his life proves his true friendship towards Frodo, and this loyality never fades. Frodo and Sam then sail away together with their task ahead of them, and the others with a task behind them. The Fellowship is now broken.

What decision do you believe Frodo would've made if Boromir had not tried to take the ring from him?
How do you think things would have turned out had the Fellowship had not been broken?
If Sam and Frodo would not have stayed together how do you think would the rest of the books would've played out?

I honestly believe Frodo would've decided to go off on his own regardless of Boromir's actions, it just fits Frodo's character.
I think Middle Earth would've fallen to evil had the Fellowship not been broken. The breaking was required in order for them each to complete their own tasks.
If Sam and Frodo weren't a team I think it'd be very sad, they help one another through the most difficult of events. Without the support and care that Sam offered to Frodo I think his task would have been much more dangerous and painful to succeed at.

Everything changes after this chapter and so many events occur, it really is a big transition. I hope you all enjoy re-reading this chapter, and hopefully I didn't do too awful with my discussion. :p
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