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Mod post - How should we revitalize this community?

How should we revitalize this community?

We can do several things including:

making biweekly discussions
continue with random quotes we love
LotR essay analysis (bring in other links to discuss)
Other --please comment

I know it's been *really* quiet around here since our attempt in making something happen with the discussions last year in '05, 06. I really love this community and want to bring it back since LotR books are always being reread and i'm sure there are views about it that you want to bring about and discuss!
So please answer this mini-poll and bring us some feedback so how you want this community to be like.

Also, for you graphics talented people out there, please consider making a new layout in here? New icons would be superb as well. :)
If interested, please email me at periantari@gmail.com.

So please comment about anything and do continue to post quotes in here like in the past~

hannon le, mellyn nin~
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