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Lord of the Rings Discussion and Conversation.

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This week's reading
Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2-chapter 10: The Breaking of the Fellowship
discussion led by haushinka07

Hello and Welcome to readthebook!!
Within this community, you'll find friendly conversation of Tolkien's masterpiece. No fangirling of the actors, no movie reviews. Feel free to join in our weekly discussions, or post a favorite passage or two. Ask questions; show us an image of a 'sleeping ent.' Its fun here, and we all have one thing in common: a passion for The Lord of the Rings.

If you're here for discussion, here's how it works:
On Sunday, the chapter & its reading guide will be posted. On Wednesday, the discussion thread will be posted. Simple as that! Read a chapter a week, at random, and let's talk about it. We're not going in chronological order so just jump in when you can and discuss to your heart's/brain's content. :) Need to skip a week or two? No problem. Just jump in when you can! Want to lead a discussion? Claim your chapter here.

The more detailed information is here, and you'll find past discussions archived in the memories here. Weekly chapter assignments will be posted in the userinfo as as well.

The schedule as of 3/9/06:

February 19th - periantari: The Siege of Gondor
March 5th - cassandria: A Shortcut to Mushrooms
March 19th - haushinka07: The Breaking of the Fellowship

Members should feel free to claim more than one chapter! =)

Community Rules
- Please, no community advertisements; no RPG cattle-calls. This is not the place.
- No movie reviews, please. Sure, we can discuss the implications of Faramir's character changes & the beefing up of Arwen's role, but please, don't simply tell us how much you enjoyed/hated it. Keep it about the book.
- No icon posts (or requests). See one of the many graphic communities for that!
- No fangirly stuff. We all know how amusing it is that Orli constantly forgot his blue contacts, but really.

take a banner; promote the community!